Apr 9, 2010


The goal of the workshop was to design a constructive system composed out of uniquely formed building blocks. The architectural potential of the developed system was tested through applying it on the design and fabrication of a prototypical building structure. The blocks were fabricated out of Styrofoam using a robot in combination with a hot wire cutting machine and dry joined. Stability of the building element was achieved through friction and the interlocking of the individual blocks.

Cluster leaders: Tobias Bonwetsch, Ralph Bärtschi, Andrea Kondziela (Gramatio&Kohler DFABARCH) – ETH Zurich | Cluster team: Ionut Anton, Paolo Cascone, Kristoffer Josefsson, Martin Kaftan, Eleni Kolovou, Peter Liebsch, Alessandro Loffredo, Sven Pfeiffer, Diana Quintero, Stefane Tabsoba, Giancarlo Torpiano, Ebru Ulu.