May 20, 2011


This project deals with, on the one hand, preservation of the ¨snow clad¨ character of the “White City”, and on the other, the complex dynamics that the new material gives expression to.
In bringing back the Pushkinsky cinema to the city, this proposal establishes a continuation of the “White City”; analogically, of the material and its curvature in the new cinema, emulating the elegance of what the "palace" of the Moscow International Film Festival represented fifty years ago. One of the most remarkable characteristics of the structure is its ability to continually change in appearance; the building envelope´s lighting system allows for shifts in intensity and frequency, and energy flow emanating from the activities inside of the building as well as without is optimized, ultimately leading to the site´s attraction as an icon of the city.
One of the façade materials used is DuPont Corian external Cladding which allows for carved effects on roof and wall surfaces to achieve different ” levels of light transition”.

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