Mar 15, 2013


Our proposed Collider Activity Center is generated in a hexagonal forcefield from which park and buildings emerge as a result of requisite collisions between program activities. Project morphology is continually expanding and contracting in catalyzing the various hosted activities: it enables convergence at the Center Hall attractor point and subsequent expansion toward park and landscape. Systematic differentiation in the hexagonal modules drives a density increase toward Center Hall, from where buildings emerge, and subsequently a gradual decrease toward the park and Ropetopia, thus generating a wide grid for open space structures such as the Stage and Pool.
The complex consists of three volumes embedded in a central membrane, a lightweight structure that functions as a Greenhouse in winter as well as a roof for Center Hall, mediating public space between site, park, and buildings. In the first building are the climbing walls, bouldering area, and roof bar terraces which are strategically located to allow viewing of climbers and Vitosha Peak. The second building houses the Funtopia. The third hosts a spa and fitness center on the first floor, a multi-functional recreation center on the second, and administration offices on the third.
In association with Carlos Andres Escobar

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