Oct 15, 2018

Mosaic Network | Design 'N Gather 2018

The mosaic design for the ceiling and alcoves consists of a differentiated triangular mesh network where gradients of light are represented by gradual transitions of color densities from blue to white. The design adapts to Beaux-Arts architecture through a rigorous geometry while exhibiting generative principles that characterize contemporary design such as asymmetry, differentiation, and component distribution (as opposed to symmetry, repetition, and compartmentalization). The result is a vibrant and elegant composition where the old and new are fused. 

My proposal for the Design ‘N Gather design competition is now among the 10 finalists.

The winning proposal will be installed in NoMad Hotel’s cupola in New York. 

This year a new recognition for Design ‘N Gather has been introduced, the People’s Choice Award.

If you like the design, please take a moment and vote here!

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